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Eggplant-based, meat alternatives that make every meal better.

Feel Better™ Eggplant Bacon

There’s nothing better than waking up to the sweet sizzle and smell of bacon cooking in the morning…until now.

Our flagship Eggplant Bacon is plant-based, made from ingredients you can pronounce, and packed with so much of the flavor you love from traditional bacon that you’ll wonder if it’s the real thing.

Except now you won’t have to feel guilty about helping yourself to an extra piece (or two…ok, maybe three).


62% fewer calories than pork bacon.

less fat

78% less total fat than pork bacon.


54% less sodium than traditional pork bacon.


Because our bacon is plant-based,
it has 0 mg of cholesterol.

Eggplant: a plant-based protein that’s

Delicious and nutritious

Eggplant comes packed with antioxidants, nutrients, fiber, and other nutritional benefits.

Plus, it protects against heart disease and helps promote skin, bone, and digestive health.

Half-sized strips, perfect for kid’s meals, appetizers, and sliders!

Circle cuts, perfect for sandwiches and burgers!

Full-sized strips, just like classic bacon!